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Theatre TODAY takes you on a panoramic expedition , a journey covering more than 30 countries worldwide. Read and watch, what’s happening in the theatre today . What under-current movements are seeding the future of theatre in 21 century? How are global communication tools effecting and changing the theatre? What direction is theatre moving toward?

This book records the works of modern theatre companies and lists the names of its artists for future reference.

‘Theatre TODAY’ is a communication forum to magnify and tell the story of each creative artist - or group of artists -  that contributed, enriched, and expanded our understanding of the theatre worldwide during  2012-2013.

It records old movements that are feeding back and contributing to the creation of the theatre of the future, and new movements born out of the technological changes from the last 50 years and the communication tools that wire us today.

It proves that the theatre - as as an art - is alive and well, and more than that, is incorporating all the social , economic , and technological changes that are occurring in the world around us.

It is a must READ and HAVE for everyone working or interested in the theatre today because it gives a comprehensive, panoramic view of what’s going worldwide in the theatre today.

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